[★TRENDING] “King of Masked Singer” identity of “CBR Cleopatra” is finally revealed after two months!

After two months of blowing away the audience with his vocal abilities on King of Masked Singer as the singer “CBR Cleopatra,” his identity was finally revealed!

Aired on July 19th, contestant “King of Song Tungki” managed to take CBR Cleopatra’s throne as “Masked King” for the week. CBR Cleopatra stepped down from his throne after an amazing 10 weeks with a winning streak of four wins! He now holds the longest record as the reigning contestant after f(x)‘s Luna, who held her first place ranking for six weeks with two wins as masked king.

The audience and netizens were right once again as they guessed the singer to be veteran singer Kim Yeon Woo, a singer who is well-known for his ballad songs and smooth vocals.

For his final challenge, Kim Yeon Woo bid farewell with an amazing rendition of the song “For 500 Years.”

Source: TV Report