Korean comedy show under heavy criticism for mocking buddhist monks

After facing harsh criticism for a skit mocking Buddhist monks, Korean comedy show Comedy Big League made an official apology for being insensitive.

The episode of the tvN show, which aired on June 14th, featured a short four-minute skit involving Thai Buddhist monks. In the skit, a male monk strips himself and exposes his torso, and a female monk is depicted touching the male monk.

With such acts strictly prohibited for Buddhist monks, Thai viewers responded in outrage. One viewer even threatened to petition the South Korean embassy to have the program to be removed and records of the clip purged. Although Korean netizens did not feel as strongly as Thai viewers who were offended, they also agreed that the Comedy Big League sketch was done in poor taste.

1. [+862, -66] Issues relating to the government and religion are topics that shouldn’t be treated lightly, especially since people all over the world have such different views on them. Comedy Big League definitely made a mistake this time and I hope they’re more careful in the future…

2. [+784, -78] It’s often wise not to use religion in comedy. It can screw you over.

3. [+858, -31] Yeah, it’d be wise not to touch on religious issues in a comedy show. Too dangerous.

4. [+627, -15] The controversy’s only as big as it is because it’s Buddhism. Imagine if they touched Islam, I bet the cast and the broadcast channel would be glad they’re even alive.


Source: Bangkok Post and Nate