Epik High

Epik High Gets The “Middle Finger” From Their Own Fans During Concert
And nobody took offense…
Epik High’s Tablo And His Wife Surprisingly “Don’t Recommend Marriage” — Here’s Why
He has a daughter called Haru with his wife.
The “F*ck You Bong”: Epik High’s New Lightstick That Fans Are In Love With
“So bright. So Unserious. So Epik.”
SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Is A Successful Fan, Featuring On Upcoming Epik High Song
Fans are so excited!
Epik High’s Tablo Earns Praise After Speaking Up For International Fans
Epik High consistently looks out for the best interest of their fans.
“I Want Your Other Stick”: The Rose’s Woosung, KARD BM, And Epik High’s Tablo Trade Lightsticks
Are KARD and Epik High finally getting lightsticks?
Epik High Wins The Internet With Hilarious Posters For 20th Anniversary Concert
And it wasn’t even a hasty photoshop!
The Unexpected Reason Why Epik High’s Tablo Buys Every Rookie K-Pop Artist’s Album
He’s the ultimate K-Pop multi fan.
K-Pop Fans React To Twitter’s X Era
Went from “Ahgase” to “MONBEBE.”
“I Almost Went Bankrupt!” Epik High’s Tablo Spends So Much Money On K-Pop Merch For An Unexpected Reason
We can all relate!
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