The “F*ck You Bong”: Epik High’s New Lightstick That Fans Are In Love With

“So bright. So Unserious. So Epik.”

Korean hip-hop group Epik High has once again demonstrated their unique blend of humor and creativity with the release of their new lightstick, whimsically named the “Park Kyu Bong.” The lightstick is not only catching the eye of the Epik High fandom but also amusing enough to attract non-fans for two main reasons.

| @blobyblo/Instagram

Firstly, the name “Park Kyu Bong” is a playful pun that sounds like “F*ck You Bong” in Korean, embodying a rebellious spirit that resonates with the group’s music and ethos. But the shape of the merchandise item only adds to the joke.

| @blobyblo/Instagram

“Park Kyu Bong” is shaped like a hand flipping the middle finger, and fans can’t stop making jokes about it.

Upon its reveal, social media erupted with excitement and humor as fans and non-fans alike appreciated the irreverent design of the Park Kyu Bong. The lightstick, with its distinctive look, encapsulates the bold, unapologetic nature of Epik High’s music and persona. It’s not just a concert accessory but a statement piece, exemplifying the group’s willingness to push boundaries and challenge norms.

Pre-orders for the lightstick have already commenced, and the initial response is overwhelming. Fans are not only placing orders online but are also organizing group orders to ensure they and their friends can wave the audacious Park Kyu Bong at Epik High’s future concerts.

The burgeoning online community around Epik High has been buzzing with anticipation, sharing their excitement through social media posts and even creating humorous memes and jokes revolving around the lightstick’s daring design.

Some are even talking about how “Park Kyu Bong” can prove useful even outside concerts!

Aside from the humor around it, the lightstick is also proof of Epik High’s enduring relationship with their fans, who appreciate the group’s humorous and innovative approach to music and fan merchandise. It also reflects the broader trend in K-Pop of creating unique, memorable merchandise that fosters a deeper connection between artists and fans.

Moreover, the buzz created by the Park Kyu Bong’s release showcases the power of innovative merchandise in extending a music group’s brand beyond just the music. It’s a clever marketing strategy that not only amplifies Epik High’s rebellious image but also engages fans and non-fans in a fun, interactive way.

Epik High’s hilarious poster for their tour. | @blobyblo/Instagram

The advent of the “F*ck You Bong” has indeed added a humorous yet bold chapter in the legacy of Epik High, demonstrating once again their knack for blending creativity with a touch of audacity.

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