Ladies’ Code spotted leaving for Japan to commemorate RiSe and EunB’s death anniversary

Dispatch captures the remaining members of Ladies’ Code as they appear as a group for the first time since the death of their members, RiSe and EunB

On August 21st, Ashley, Sojung and Zuny were spotted at Incheon International Airport as they leave for Tokyo, Japan to commemorate RiSe and EunB’s death a year since the tragic accident. The anniversary will be commemorated through the memorial Rise & EunB Memorial Concert on August 22nd where they will also be revealing the song “Smile Even If It Hurts.” 

The remaining members were spotted with a grim expression, holding hands as they head their way towards the departure hall. They were described to have shown a sign of solidarity towards the anniversary as they wore black clothing as a tribute to the two deceased members.

The concert was organised to fulfil RiSe’s wish of hosting an independent concert in Japan one day.

Image: Dispatch
Image: Dispatch

Source: Dispatch

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