Messages between Lay and Sehun has EXO-Ls crying

Although EXO‘s Lay couldn’t attend the end of the year awards with his group this year due to individual activities, he made sure to show that he was still on good terms with the rest of the group. 

As the last Chinese member in the SM Entertainment group, there have been speculations that Lay could also leave the group. However, the EXO member made sure that his group and their fans knew how dedicated he was to the group by replying to fellow group member Sehun‘s SNS post. On Instagram, Sehun posted a photo of the group at an event, and left an empty seat for Lay to show that they weren’t complete without him. And while fans were already appreciate the sweet gesture, Lay made fans even more happy by replying with a cute comment of his own.

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Sehun: Happy New Year.
Thank You for loving EXO in 2015. 
Please do the same for 2016. 
Let’s all be  happy in 2016.
Lay, let’s attend the year-end awards together.


Lay replied Sehun on his Weibo account, saying, “yoyo baby, Happy New Year, I miss you, see you in Korea~ ^^”

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  • Everytime I think about Lay I cry inside ㅠㅠ
  • We miss you Lay
  • I hope they promote together this year
  • I understand why people call Lay an angel. I couldn’t help but feel a bit less for him after what happened with the Chinese members…but he’s a true angel.

Source: Instiz