Lee Byung Hun not included in Japanese promotional poster for “Terminator 5”

Netizens have rejoiced as actor Lee Byung Hun, who will be starring in the upcoming Hollywood movie Terminator 5, was not included in the Japanese promotional posters for the movie. 

Although fans might be disheartened that the actor wasn’t shown on the posters, many netizens have reacted in glee to the news while others seem to think that Lee Byung Hun, who was entangled in a blackmailing scandal last year, deserved his missing spot on the poster.

However, despite the glee of many netizens, others have found the situation rather odd as Lee Byung Hun was so popular in Japan after G.I. Joe 2 was released that a special promotional poster was created for him.

Lee Byung Hun, who has been quite active in the Hollywood scene, has recently been staying in Korea to spend time with his wife and newborn son who was born on March 30th.

Terminator 5 is set to hit theaters worldwide in the next few months.

Check out what some of the netizens have to say below:

1. [+365, -23] It’s summer time, Lee Santa is currently on break from work

2. [+249, -24] You mean ‘Byun-sama’? (byun-tae = pervert)

3. [+306, -28] If even the horny Japanese think Lee Byung Hun is too much…

4. [+16, -0] Byon-sama, as if… You surely mean ‘byung-sama’? (byung = disease)

5. [+9,841, -609] What the heck is a Byon-sama, first time hearing him called that

6. [+7,439, -182] They probably recognized that he was in a scandal and it’s not like he has that many parts anyway..

7. [+6,091, -190] He’s probably just a passing role

8. [+3,606, -161] I bet he barely got 5 minutes of screentime…

9. [+609, -31] I remember Daniel Henney talking about getting Hollywood role offers but they’re all racist antagonist roles so he rejected them…

10. [+627, -53] Take him out of the Korean posters too, he’s embarrassing

Source: Newsen and Ten Asia