Lee Dong Gun promises to protect Jiyeon in heartwarming letter

Actor Lee Dong Gun wrote a letter to his fans about his recent news of being in a relationship with T-ARA‘s Jiyeon.

His letter translates:

Hello this is Dong Gun.

I can’t remember how many months it’s been since I left Korea.

I finished shooting for the movie and now I’m filming a drama in Shanghai. I think we’re one third into completion. Still a long way to go.

I’ve finally succumbed to the amazing virality of SNS platforms and I’m sorry you all had to find out about such big news through reports.

Jiyeon and I are slowly getting to know each other. She’s a lot younger than me but she’s such a smart and prudent person that I can rely on her and do not feel any age difference. As you all know I’m a bit immature too.

There may be a lot of different perspectives on the two of us and some of you may even become suspicious and worried. The fact is, those words will never sway me and I will protect her.

Please be my allies, our allies. We don’t have many people on our side but I believe that you will always be there on my side. I’ve waited for this person so long. I believe without a doubt that she is love, destiny, and the one.

I will be good please watch over us.

P.S. Hope only happiness is ahead of all of us.

The two were revealed to be in a relationship after a photo of the couple on a dinner date in Shanghai was revealed. The celebrities became close after working together on the film Encounter in May.

Source: Star News