Lee Tae Im’s cursing and profanity toward Yewon revealed

Following the recent reports about Lee Tae Im’s embroilment with former Jewelry member Yewon, sources have revealed the exact words and curses said by the actress to the idol star.

On March 3rd, several news outlets and MBC staff revealed that during the filming of variety show program Tutoring Across Generations, actress Lee Tae Im had suddenly raised her voice at Yewon with obscene and foul language for no apparent reason, resulting in her withdrawal from the show.

According to previous statements from a staff member from the show, Lee Tae Im had just come out of the pool covered in water after finishing a diving shoot during the filming of the show. Yewon had then asked the actress, “Aren’t you cold? Are you okay?” only to receive a random backlash of curses and screams.

Though staff members and industry officials stated that it was not a situation where one should have acted in such an unpleasant outburst, a handful of different sources and tabloids have revealed the exact words spoken by Lee Tae Im during the altercation.

(Warning: The quote included in the following lines contain heavy, uncensored profanity.)

Several of the tabloids and industry officials allegedly claimed that Lee Tae Im had become frustrated with Yewon’s informal speech (younger individual speaking without honorifics to an older individual), causing her to yell, “Why are you talking to me informally? You fucking crazy bitch, do you want to end your entertainment career? Now that your fame has gone up a bit, has your sense of respect and manners disappeared? If you keep acting like a smart ass, you’re going to be dead.

In regards to this report, however, Yewon’s agency Star Empire stated, “Though it is true she cursed, it was not as severe and crude as the tabloids have reported it to be.

Many netizens posted odd comments in response to the news, saying, “Even though I do think that Lee Tae Im was way too out of control and could have approached this in a better way, Yewon might have actually done something rude seeing that she nor the company have made a big deal out of it. They know they did something wrong too, that’s why they’re not making a big deal out of it,” “She’s the crazy bitch, not Yewon,” “Now I’m curious of what exactly happened and if Yewon really did use informal speech… after all, Lee Tae Im is much older. Honorifics should have been used,” and last but not least, “First of all, I never liked Lee Tae Im, but this makes me dislike her even more. She shouldn’t have cursed in front of all those people in such a professional setting. Second, if Yewon really did speak informally, then she kind of deserved the criticism. You do unto to others as you would have them do unto you. You speak rudely to them, then you’re responded back in the same way. If all this is true, both of them did something wrong, it’s just that Lee Tae Im took it just a little too far.

Source: Sports Josun and OSEN