Lee Yuri shares her unexpected, comical side on SBS “Healing Camp”

Actress Lee Yuri showed off an unexpected side to her on the latest episode of SBS Healing Camp. The show gathered great anticipation from viewers as it was her first TV appearance since the end of her recent drama, MBC Here Comes Jang Bori

Known as the nation’s “Femme Fatale” Lee Yuri appeared on the October 20th episode of Healing Camp.

Her segment starts off with a set of behind-the-scenes photos of the actress during her drama filming. They garnered much attention due to the fact that, in contrast to her character’s constantly-composed self, she showed a much more easy-going, comical side of her that no one expected.

Photos of Lee Yuri during her Healing Camp shoot were also shown, with photos of her happily devouring prawns in one mouthful while being fed by Lee Kyung Kyu. Additional photos reveal her using wooden chopsticks to touch up her make up, and using a spoon to check herself out.

Lee Yuri really proved that there are multiple sides to her, in addition to the foxy evil lady that she is best known for as an actress. To see more of her cheeky, yet lovable personality, check out the upcoming episode on October 20!

Source: Newsen

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