Loco apologizes to Muslim fans for chant used in his album

On November 29th, Loco took to his Twitter to offer a sincere apology on unknowingly using a Muslim prayer in the introduction of his song “Act Serious.”

Loco released his new album Locomotive on November 28th but one track, “Act Serious,” sparked a lot of negative attention from the Muslim community. The introduction to the song utilizes a Muslim prayer called the Adhan (Azan). The Adhan is very sacred to Muslims as it is a calling to worship, usually recited by a Muezzin, who is responsible for reciting the call to prayer beautifully and correctly. Hearing this sacred prayer in Loco’s song subsequently offended many Muslims who were not shy of voicing their concerns.

On November 29th, Loco listened to his fans and posted a public apology on Twitter stating that he was not aware what the chant meant and that he will take it out of the song. Some fans accepted his apology and appreciated the fact that he realized his mistake while others still believed that he should have known better before releasing the song.