Lovelyz drops comeback teaser image for Jin

Woollim Entertainment has unveiled another individual teaser image, for the second-to-last member in anticipation of Lovelyz’s repackaged comeback album!

On February 21st, Jin’s teaser image was revealed, with striking resemblance to the five previous images of other members. In the photo, Jin, one of the lead vocalists of Lovelyz, smiles sheepishly for the camera. While all the members of Lovelyz are styled in similar hair colors, Jin’s straight long hair contrasts with the rest of the members.

Teaser images for the other members were released daily starting from February 16th, featuring Yoo Ji Ae, Ye In, Baby Soul, Ryu Su Jeong and Kei.

Jisoo, who was supposed to debut together with the rest of the Lovelyz members, is likely to miss the promotional activities for the repackaged album as well, due to rape and abuse accusations.

While the exact date for Lovelyz’s comeback has yet to be announced, the date seems to be nearing as only Mijoo’s individual teaser image has yet to be revealed.