Media speculate Jisoo’s departure from Lovelyz, Woollim Entertainment responds with statement

Woollim Entertainment announced that Jisoo has not left Lovelyz, but has been removed from the group’s activities scheduled for March.

On February 11th, Woollim Entertainment released a mysterious teaser image for their rookie girl group, Lovelyz on the group’s official website and SNS accounts. After unveiling the teaser image excluding Jisoo, rumours of Jisoo’s removal from the group have surfaced the media.

To this reaction, Woollim Entertainment has officially announced, “We are still investigating Jisoo regarding the homosexual controversy. It may take quite a while before the results come out. Disregarding the investigation, we released a teaser image due to Lovelyz schedule to release a repackaged album for March. Since this is a continuation from their 1st album, Seo Jisoo has been excluded from actives scheduled for March. We will further update on this when concrete results come out.”

Meanwhile, prior to Lovelyz’s official debut last year, rumors began to spread of Jisoo’s alleged girlfriends and rape accusations, thus enabling Woollim Entertainment to launch an official investigation with police. Unfortunately, because of these accusations, Jisoo was hospitalized for psychiatric care due to mental stress and trauma, but was recently reported to have been released from the hospital.

Upon their debut, Lovelyz has continued to promote as a seven-member group without Jisoo, performing the track “Candy Jelly Love.”

Source: MBN Star