Woollim Entertainment and Jisoo formally launch investigation at Seoul Mapo Police Station

Woollim Entertainment launches a formal investigation to the various speculations surrounding Lovelyz member Jisoo, at the Seoul Mapo Police Station. 

On November 11th, it was reported by Star News that Jisoo, along with Woollim Entertainment, visited the Cyber Crime Lab of Seoul Mapo Police Station to request a formal investigation related to their case. Jisoo was revealed to have personally identified the persons responsible for the incident and named those who had access to her photos and chat messages on KakaoTalk.

Officials from the Cyber Crime Lab also acknowledged the request and revealed that they are currently investigating the Twitter account of the person claiming to be the victim. As the investigation has formally started, the department has delegated the task to those who track SNS activities.

For the past few days, Lovelyz member Seo Jisoo has been accused of sexual abuse, rape and assault, after a netizen claimed to have known her personally, sparking controversy. However, since the alleged posts and photos circulated online, Woollim Entertainment claimed that such speculations were unfounded and have sought legal action for those responsible.

Jisoo, along with Lovelyz, is set to be busy preparing for their debut with their showcase and album release scheduled on November 17th.

Source: StarNews