Lovelyz releases group teaser for upcoming comeback

After Lovelyz released individual comeback teaser images of the seven members, they released the group teaser image for their upcoming comeback. 

On February 22nd, Woollim Entertainment shared Lovelzy’s teaser photo various SNS accounts, which showcased the seven members dressed in white blouses as the color of their skirts and logo captured fans attention with the light blue color. In addition, the image also revealed that Lovelzy will be making their comeback on March 3rd.

Prior to releasing the group’s teaser photo, Woollim Entertainment released the individual teaser photos of Yoo Ji Ae, Ye In, Baby Soul, Ryu Se Jeong, Kei, JIN and Mijoo where they were seen with the same features such as brown hair and being clothed in a white top.

Lovelzy will be releasing a repackaged album and continue new promotions with a new track. Unfortunately, Jisoo will not be participating in this comeback because of the ongoing investigations on her rape and abuse accusations.