Lovelyz releases preview for “LOVELYZ DIARY” special project

Lovelyz, who recently had their debut showcase, have released a preview for an upcoming behind the scenes look at their last days as trainees working hard toward their debut.

On November 14th, Lovelyz revealed a preview for their special project LOVELYZ DIARY demonstrating the hard work that the girls have put into their upcoming debut with clips from their dance practices and vocal practices.

This preview illustrates the long hours that the trainees have put in to create a good image and a quality debut as all eight girls are seen dancing late into the night, even as weariness begins to show on their faces. In addition, the preview includes the girls in laughing together and encouraging each other because of the strong sisterly bond that has formed through their long journey to debut.

Although Lovelyz was unable to debut as the originally planned eight-member group, the seven members aside from Jisoo have carried on and presented a complete showcase on November 12th. On November 10th, Lovelyz released their pre-debut track “Good Night, Like Yesterday” ahead of their upcoming November 17th debut. They also released a music video teaser for “Candy Jello Love” on November 13th.

Meanwhile, Jisoo, who is featured in the video, was recently caught in a scandal regarding pre-debut bullying and sexual encounters. Due to these malicious rumors, she was admitted to a hospital and has been receiving treatment for her weak mental state. Woollim Entertainment has denied that Jisoo ever took part in any of the rumored incidents and has given an update on her condition. The agency further stated that it will be taking legal action against those who started the rumors and has requested search and seizure warrants of the alleged victims of the rumor.

Jisoo has been advised to rest and will not be participating in any upcoming activities. Lovelyz will press forward with their official debut their album GIRLS’ INVASION as a seven-member group until further notice.

Take a look at the video below: