Lovelyz releases teaser image of Baby Soul for upcoming comeback

Woollim Entertainment wished everyone a Happy Lunar New Year on February 18th with the  release of Baby Soul‘s teaser image.

The teaser image is the third individual image since Lovelyz announced they were making a comeback on February 11th with a group teaser picture. Previously, Yoo Ji Ae and Ye In had their individual shots revealed.

The comeback is scheduled to be in March and it will be a repackaged edition of their debut album. In this picture, Baby Soul looks sweet and angelic as she looks at the camera with a shy smile dressed in white.

Meanwhile, the group has been battling speculations that one of their members Jisoo would not return since she was not able to debut with them and subsequently was not featured in the comeback group teaser image. In regards to these rumours, Woollim Entertainment dispelled them and came out with a statement that they are still investigating Jisoo’s alleged girlfriend and rape accusations.