Lovelyz reveals comeback teaser image for 7th member, Mijoo

Lovelyz unveiled an individual teaser image for their final member Mijoo, ahead of their repackaged comeback album!

On February 22nd, a close-up shot of Mijoo was released, who is the group’s main dancer and the member in charge of fanservice. Similar to the six previous members, Mijoo had a similar hair color with a white top, while the image was taken against a white background, enhancing the pure concept of Lovelyz.

Woollim Entertainment indicates that Mijoo is the seventh and final individual photo to be released, further teasing, “We came to an end of teasing you with individual photos! Guess what’s next? Stay tuned:)”.

Individual teaser images for the six other members were revealed daily, in the order of Yoo Ji Ae, Ye In, Baby Soul, Ryu Su JeongKei to JIN.

After a relatively impactful debut with seven members last year, Lovelyz will be coming back soon with seven members again without Jisoo. Woollim Entertainment released a statement that Jisoo might only join the group for their next promotional activities as investigations on her rape and abuse accusations are still ongoing.

Although the comeback date has yet to be announced, stay tuned to Koreaboo for updates on Lovelyz’s comeback!

[#Lovelyz] 러블리즈 미주의 티저 이미지를 끝으로 모든 개인 사진이 공개 되었습니다:D 다음은 뭘까요?? 기대해주세요!!

Posted by Lovelyz on Saturday, February 21, 2015