Lovelyz’ Ye In shares image teaser for upcoming group comeback

A photo of LovelyzYe In has been released as the rookie girl group prepares to return with a repackaged edition of their debut album in March. 

Following a release of a group photo, individual images of each members have begun to be released with the first featuring Yoo Ji Ae.

On February 17th, Jung Ye In is the second member whose solo photo released through SNS. With her light brown hair flowing down nicely down both side of her face, her bangs swept off to the side, Ye In gives a shy smile at the camera wearing a simple light white dress shirt.

Lovelyz will be returning with a repackaged album and continue new promotions with a new track. While member Jisoo will not be participating in this comeback, Woollim Entertainment has confirmed that she has not left the group as the investigation regarding the latest vicious rumors surrounding her is still ongoing.

[#Lovelyz] 오늘은 러블리즈 예인의 티저 이미지가 공개 되었습니다!! 다들 맞추셨나요?? 더 예쁘게 돌아온 러블리즈 컴백 기대해주세요:)

Posted by Lovelyz on Monday, February 16, 2015