MAMAMOO opens an official Weibo account

On December 26th, WA Entertainment’s girl group MAMAMOO opened up a group Weibo account for fans to follow their activities. 

The Weibo account, WA_MAMAMOO, shares the same name as their official Twitter account, making it easy for fans to follow the group on both social media services. So far, the girls have made just a couple posts on their Weibo, including their music video for their newest release “Piano Man” and a link to their official fan cafe.

The girls also gave Koreaboo a shout-out by promoting the 2014 International Hallyu Awards! MAMAMOO is nominated for “Best New Artist”, and has asked fans for their vote on both Weibo and Twitter.

Weibo has been increasingly popular among idols lately, with popular stars such as Jessica Jung and Lee Min Ho choosing the SNS service as their top choice for social media. Weibo is definitely a good way for K-pop idols to reach out to Chinese fans and gain more support in China, which has a large (and growing) Hallyu fanbase.

MAMAMOO recently made their comeback with “Piano Man” shortly after making their debut just earlier this year with “Mr. Ambiguous”. The group is currently participating in end of the year promotions, making appearances on both KBS and MBC‘s respective end of the year specials.

MAMAMOO only has about 100 followers on their Weibo account so far, but with over 11,000 followers on Twitter, that number’s sure to grow very soon.

2014 International Hallyu Awards (2014IHA)
Vote for MAMAMOO at the 2014 International Hallyu Awards for Best New Artist!