Masta Wu joins iKON’s Bobby in 2nd hip-hop project group by YG Entertainment

The second member to YG Entertainment’s upcoming hip-hop project group has been revealed to be hip-hop and rap monster, Masta Wu!

The announcement was revealed via YG-Life and the agency’s respective SNS accounts on November 28th, revealing Masta Wu would be joining iKON’s Bobby in this upcoming group.

For those unfamiliar with Masta Wu, or Woo Gin Won, the artist has been under the popular label since 2003, and has since then collaborated with many YGE artists such as Jinusean, Lexy, Perry, Se7en, PSY, Wheesung, and Gummy. He is also known to be affiliated with 1TYM and Digital Masta, whom he has also promoted with as YMGA.

The third member of the upcoming hip-hop project group has yet to be announced, while their debut single will be released on December 2nd.