MBLAQ’s Mir proposes to KARA’s Gyuri on tvN’s “First Day of Work”

On the October 23rd episode of tvN’s variety show, First Day of Work, MBLAQ‘s Mir proposed to KARA‘s Park Gyuri twice, when he found out that married couples get more benefits at work.

First Day of Work, which airs on tvN, is a variety show that assigns jobs to celebrities who have never worked in an office. On the October 23rd broadcast, MBLAQ’s Mir and Kara’s Gyuri were going through the job requirements and benefits with their team leaders.

As soon as Mir discovered that married couples get a 500,000 won bonus he did not hesitate to ask Gyuri “Will you marry me, noona?”  Gyuri just laughed it off, but when Mir heard that married couples also get five extra vacation days off he proposed once more. To this Gyuri said while laughing, “Does this mean we have to get married while working at this company?”

In this episode, the celebrities were split into two groups of four, with one team working at a catering business and the other at a toy manufacturer. The catering business team consisted of Baedoosan′s Kim Do Gyun, Mir, Gyuri and Hong Jin Ho. The toy manufacturer team consisted of g.o.d’Park Joon Hyung, actor Bong Tae GyuEun Ji Won, and JK Kim Dong Wook. First day of Work airs every Thursday at 11 pm KST on tvN.

Source: OSEN