Meet The Only Androgynous K-Pop Group Right Now

“We shouldn’t be referred to as ‘handsome boys’ because we aren’t boys.”

Most K-Pop groups classify themselves as either male or female idol groups. There is one group, however, that is challenging gender roles with their music and concept.

TOV Entertainment’s Chinese group, Fanxy Red, recently made their debut with “T.O.P” on August 28. The group is currently made up of four members: K, Shawn, Roy, and Marco.

They were originally known as FFC-Acrush when their company still had a collaboration with the brand Fantasy Football Federation.

Later on in 2017 they debuted in China under the name “Acrush” where they were dubbed as China’s only all-girl boy band.

After a number of member changes, they re-debuted as Fanxy Red in both Korea and China with their single album “Activate.” Their Korean debut was released under Stone Music Entertainment’s Youtube channel.

The girls starred in a number of viral documentaries including VICE News and Quartz where they were described as “defying the girly, cutesy look of conventional Chinese girl bands.” The members and company had a number of opinions on their concept.

We shouldn’t be referred to as “handsome boys” because we aren’t boys. But we can’t be called “pretty girls” because we’re not very ladylike either.

– Zhou Xiaobai, Band Agent

The members are known to not publicly refer to their own gender identities, insisting that they were gender-neutral even before joining the group.

Sometimes I act like a little girl, and I have some pink clothes. But to be honest, I lean more towards unisex because it feels comfortable when I dress this way. I don’t feel restrained. I quite like it.

– Member K on gender-neutral dressing

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