Mini Chocoball Reunion: Heechul and Junhyung out for dinner

Super Junior‘s Heechul posted on Instagram a selca of his dinner with BEAST‘s Junhyung even though both of their groups are busy with music promotions.

In Heechul’s picture, Junhyung is adding garlic to his noodles wearing a beanie and overcoat, while Heechul looks at the camera with his prepared noodles on the table behind him.

Heechul’s photo caption is bursting with excitement and personality as he writes, “The Yong Yong-ie Yong Junhyung who looks dynamic while sucking on some garlic. If you see it in real life, that hat really is a cool hat but after taking a photo of it, it seems like a chief hat belonging to one of the Dynamic Duo from ‘I Live Alone’ (a variety show)…#YongChul

Heechul recently returned to Instagram after going on hiatus on both Instagram and Weibo after news of Sungmin‘s engagement broke last week.

Meanwhile, Super Junior has just released a music video for their song “THIS IS LOVE”, and BEAST has been busy promoting their new album TIME and title track “12:30”, whose music video reached over 1 million views! BEAST also recently celebrated their 5th anniversary and addressed fans’ 5th anniversary jinx concerns, while the members have been busy appearing on various shows to promote their new album.

It has been awhile since we’ve heard of the Chocoball members together!

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