MINX releases individual image teasers for JiU and SuA

After rookie girl group MINX released a group image teaser, the five-member group released individual image teasers for members JiU and SuA on June 25th. 

As two photos of JiU was first released, she appeared in a bright colored outfit while accessorized with a colorful heart ring. In addition, she was also seen holding a cup that was filled with jelly beans. JiU also appeared outside in all white, while rocking a flower crown, as her second image teaser revealed the vocalist taking a rest after riding her skateboard.

SuA’s also appeared in a similar setting in her individual image teasers as she was seen in a colorful outfit while showcasing a cup that was filled with jelly beans. Following, she appeared in an America flag shorts while holding a skateboard in the second photo.

Meanwhile, MINX is scheduled to release the music video for “Love Shake” on July 2nd.


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