miss A’s Suzy criticised for failing to promote her latest film

miss A’s Suzy is being criticised after making several mistakes as she promoted her latest film, Dorihwaga or The Sound of a Flower

On October 31st, Suzy joined the rest of cast for an interview for their latest film. However, when asked to summarise the plot of the film, Suzy was seen slightly struggling to explain it, saying, “The movie is set in a time when only women could perform pansori… in 1867…” She was corrected by stating that the film was set in an era where it can only be performed by men, leaving the actress to briefly finish her explanation and eventually sighed in the end.

The interview also highlighted another incident where she asked to describe the movie through the title of the film. Despite her attempts, she was helped by fellow cast member Ryu Seung Ryong to do the task for her.

Meanwhile, The Sound of a Flower is a film based on a real story about a young girl wishing to perform pansori but was turned as women were not allowed. The story follows the young girl’s story, played by Suzy, as she disguises as a man to enter the school and join the national competition.

It is set to start airing on November 25th.


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