Mother of Two K-Pop Idols Shares Her Parenting Secret To Raising Creative Kids

She had them “pursue happiness”.

Food stylist Kim Eun Jin has seen two of her children build their careers in the Korean entertainment industry: former RAINBOW‘s Jaekyung and N.Flying‘s Jaehyun.

In an interview, she revealed her parenting know-how that led to not one, but two K-Pop idols to rise from her family!

Jaehyun and Jaekyung

Kim Eun Jin emphasized that, while raising the young Kim siblings, she focused on teaching them to pursue happiness for themselves. For her, as a mother, that meant allowing both Jaekyung and Jaehyun to make their own choices — even at a young age.

Baby Jaekyung

You know how mothers in the neighborhood get together and form study group or hold play dates… I used to do that with Jaekyung when she was little. I copied what the other moms would do and sent her to different academies and forced her to try different hobbies. But soon, I realized that wasn’t right. I made her quit everything and focused on letting her do what she wanted to do. I sent both of my children to an alternative kindergarten that offered a play area, an art area, and a reading area. The curriculum would let the children decide how they would like to spend their day. The teachers don’t get involved unless they have to. That system taught my children how to make use of their own time to their own needs — and I appreciated that.

— Kim Eun Jin

Having “set the foundation” this way, both Jaekyung and Jaehyun grew up to be creative souls with artistic and musical talent. Kim Eun Jin commented that she tried to remain supportive of her children’s interests, no matter what.

When Jaekyung turned five, her teacher asked to see me. The teacher said Jaekyung made something that isn’t average for children her age. I went to see and it turned out to be a replica of a tube of toothpaste… That’s when the teacher told me that Jaekyung must have artistic genius, and that I should stimulate her as much as possible. So I began bringing her things — like a strangely-shaped branch of leaves or maybe even unique-looking rocks. I also gave her all the old clothes that needed to be thrown away. I even cleaned and saved up empty milk cartons… which she later used to build herself a paper house.

— Kim Eun Jin

This way, Jaekyung and Jaehyun learned that they have the power to do things that make them happy. While her children went through an endless cycle of trial-and-error to find their true callings, Kim Eun Jin stayed supportive, observant, and most of all, trusting.

Baby Jaehyun

From then on, my only role as a mother has been observing, from the beginning to the end. I observed the things on which they concentrated and the areas in which they began to show talent. Once I had a grasp, I would provide a minimal amount of guidance and direction. I knew that my involvement and or push could ruin the passion they had found in something. And when they grew out of their choices, they explained why they were no longer interested and I respected their decisions.

— Kim Eun Jin

Thanks to their mother’s undivided love and attention, Jaekyung and Jaehyun both found their passion for performing as K-Pop idols. And as she had forever been, Kim Eun Jin encouraged their decisions when they first stepped foot into the entertainment business.

Jaekyung participated in a singing contest when she was a freshman in high school and found her calling there. Jaehyun was street cast when he was in 7th grade. They both showed interest when the opportunity came along, so I did not oppose. I trusted my children to choose what is best for them. Plus, I wanted to let them make their calls because it is, after all, their very own lives.

— Kim Eun Jin

Jaekyung and Jaehyun have grown up to be one of the most multi-talented K-Pop idol siblings in the industry. With that said, for all the other moms trying to “lead their children in the right way”, Kim Eun Jin had one advice: let them be.

I have never told my children to go study. I have never physically disciplined them either. All I ever did was watch them make their choices and deal with the consequences. The thing is, you can — and should — observe your children and provide some guidance on how to make good decisions. But you cannot force them. The decision-making will only happen when your children become ready and have the will.

— Kim Eun Jin

Source: THEQOO and Naver Post