MR.MR’s Tey goes shirtless in acoustic version of “Dangerous”

On April 6th, MR.MR’s Tey delivered a surprise with a brand new acoustic version of his solo track, “Dangerous.”

The grayscale music video opens with an image of a fallen rose and a sleepy Tey lying in a hammock. Then, with smokey eye makeup and alluring poses, the artist begins singing to the new acoustic rendition of his solo debut track released earlier this year.

His track was a hit with listeners earlier and this acoustic version is receiving similar support and love with some fans sharing that they like this edition even more. His moving falsettos and melancholy tone come out even more with the bare guitar accompaniment.

Tey’s sexy and mature expressions transform to actions as he is soon seen posing shirtless in the dark with white sheets billowing around his sculpted figure.

Meanwhile, MR.MR will be following a lineup change for their upcoming comeback follow the controversy with member Ryu.

Check out the remixed version here: