National Producers Are In Love With Produce X 101 Contestant Kim Wooseok’s Duality

He’s just bursting with charm!

At first glance, Kim Wooseok from TOP Media may seem cold and intimidating. Since he debuted in UP10TION before appearing on Produce X 101, many thought he would be scary and distant.


He is actually a total sweetheart! He babies the younger contestants of the show…

… and also makes sure to listen to his teammates and give them all of his attention.

He’s also not afraid to show off his goofy side!

Many have stated that he looks too skinny and appears weak, but he once again proved them wrong when the trainees were working out. Just look at how extra his push-ups are!

And when they were told to meet at the training center, he ran without a padding jacket despite the cold. Even if he was freezing, he stayed at the front and used his sweater to cover his hands.

Some had wondered if he was just a visual and had barely any talents, but he proved those people wrong by ranking in A class during the re-evaluations.

He also blew everyone away by slaying the center position during their performance of EXO‘s “Love Shot.”


He can also compose and arrange songs, which he proved during the position evaluations.

Kim Wooseok has unlimited charms, and fans can’t wait to see more of it!

Source: Pann