NCT’s Taeyong Finds Out What Fans Have Been Calling Him

“Bubu? What does it mean?”

On May 24th, the handsome member turned on his V Live stream to talk to fans after their Inkigayo appearance. With international fans calling him the endearing nickname “Bubu” to refer to his cute side, he was understandably clueless as to what the word means.

Adorably confused, Taeyong asked fans, “What is Bubu? Please teach me. What does it mean?” only to be told that it is what people say to a cute baby. Upon hearing that, he broke into a huge smile, indulging fans in some aegyo poses.

It seems that the nickname has come full circle, with Taeyong repeating the phrase back to a fan during a video call event. Previously, a chance to win a video call and autographed album with the members was given to everyone that made a purchase of a two-version album set via various selected retailers. A lucky fan that had won the call from Taeyong was treated to him greeting her with “Bubu is here!”, a moment she very kindly shared on her social media with other fans.

The nickname has long been circulating amongst the fandom, with many Tyongfs (his fan name) saying that one of his charms is his charisma on stage but soft and caring nature offstage. It’s certainly hard to believe that the hard-hitting rapper is also one of the sweetest and funniest members! It is no wonder the other members like to play around with him as well. Here’s Jungwoo, Doyoung and Haechan carrying him off stage and him trying to crawl back, only to have Johnny pull him out once again.