Netizens accuse BTS of ‘sajaegi’ after outselling BIGBANG in physical albums

Popular hip hop group Bangtan Sonyeondan (also known as Bangtan Boys or BTS) has been accused of sajaegi after reportedly outselling K-Pop icon BIGBANG on the physical album charts.


The accusations follow the ranking according to the Hanteo Chart, which tracks physical sales of albums, where BTS’s new album 화양연화 (In the Mood for Love Part 1) has beat BIGBANG’s Made Series-m.

Controversial discussions of possible “sajaegi” (where a company buys albums in large quantities to inflate the official numbers) have arisen among netizens because it is an extremely rare accomplishment for an idol group from a small company.

BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment has countered these statements, arguing, “Big Hit Entertainment doesn’t have the resources to do such a thing.”

BTS recently began their music show performances following the April 29th release of their album with their title song “I NEED U” which swept charts shortly after it’s opening. In addition, they’ve taken fans behind the scenes of the jacket shoot and music video filming and have hinted at the possible release of the 19+ version of their music video.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG began their promotions shortly after BTS starting on May 3rd on Inkigayo and achieved a perfect all-kill with their track “Loser” after it’s release on May 1st.

Source: Korean Finance