Netizens call out rookie girl group members who can’t sing

Although the many girl groups who have debuted in the last year seem to have received a warm welcome from fans, a recent netizen post calls out the members who they feel lack in singing abilities.

Many of these girl groups have found a loyal following due to their attractive personalities, refreshing visuals, catchy songs, and more. However, netizens have recently taken to Pann to list some rookie girl group members who they feel do not have sufficient vocal skills.

In response to this post, netizens have buckled down in engaging discussions about which rookie members need to work on their vocal skills more.

Take a look at the netizens’ list below:

Red Velvet’s Yeri and Irene:

red velvet

Lovelyz’ Jiae, Jisoo, and Yein :


Oh My Girl’s Jine and Arin:

oh my girl

G-Friend except Yuju and Eunha:


Twice’s Tzuyu, Momo, and Dahyun:


Source: Pann

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