Netizens harshly criticize Ji Suk Jin for betraying “Running Man” cast

A scene at the end of the latest Running Man episode has caused many viewers to criticize Ji Suk Jin, after he apparently betrayed the rest of the cast.

On the March 29th episode of Running Man, the show’s cast members, along with guests Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and 2PM’s Junho, were given the task of making Ji Suk Jin the winner. Should the cast succeed in doing so, the production team would give away ten gold coins, one for each cast member and guest.

At the end, after a collective team effort, the cast members and guests were successful in their mission and the production team handed over ten gold coins to Ji Suk Jin. At that time, the production team announced a twist – Ji Suk Jin was given the opportunity to split the gold coins with the cast members and guests, or walk away with all ten gold coins. Ji Suk Jin chose the latter option and apparently walked away from the filming, leaving the cast members and guests stunned.

Many netizens and viewers were not happy with the decision and expressed their anger towards Ji Suk Jin on his personal Weibo account. They commented, “You actually took all the gold?!“, “Ji Suk Jin’s decision is really too harsh…how can he take all the gold? It was a team effort,” and “I really thought you would split the gold with everyone, why did you take it all for yourself? I couldn’t believe it.

To this, the production team stated the decision was made to make the show more interesting, and that Ji Suk Jin actually did split the gold coins with the cast members and guests in the end. Additionally, it was revealed that Song Ji Hyo actually gave her gold coin away to one of the hunters that helped with the filming of that episode.

Source: Appledaily and Weibo