Netizens insult Lee Ji Yeon for dressing up to court appearance

Lee Ji Yeon has become the subject of harsh criticism by netizens due to her glamorous appearance in court. 

On March 26th, Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee made an appearance in court to appeal their sentences for blackmailing Lee Byung Hun.

While Dahee was dressed in modest, subdued colored clothing complete with a face mask and un-styled hair, Lee Ji Yeon appeared in a light pink coat accessorized with a similar colored purse, curled hair, and makeup.

Netizens have continually shown their disapproval at Lee Ji Yeon’s glamorous appearance, comparing her court attire to those worn by people going on blind dates or to a fashion show.

Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee were appealing their sentences for blackmailing Lee Byung Hun in 2014. Lee Ji Yeon was sentenced to a year and two months in prison, while Dahee was sentenced to a year in jail.

However, not long after, Lee Byung Hun filed pardon for the two women, requesting that the punishment be held off for an amicable settlement between the two parties.

Check out some of the netizen comments below:

1. [+790, – 40] Is she going on a blind date?

2. [+ 72, – 1] Looks like Lee Jiyeon went and got her hair done

3. [+ 60, -1 ] Even if it was a show she should have dressed like Dahee to at least let people know she was regretful for what she had done. Lee Jiyeon even curled her hair –. Well the hearing is done so I guess everything is over I don’t want to see anymore of this article both sides need to stay quiet and atone for what they’ve done

4. [+ 51, -2] That Lee Jiyeon girl is really empty headed how can she be so proud and do make up and dress up. Dahee at least covered her face with a mask

5. [+ 657, – 81] Immature girls..shaken by greed and now they’re going in and out of court
Source: TV Daily