Lee Byung Hun files a pardon on behalf for Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee

It has been reported that actor Lee Byung Hun has requested a pardon on behalf of Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee, his blackmailers that were sentenced to prison by the courts in early January.

According to BH Entertainment on February 13th to TV Report, “Lee Byung Hun has submitted an application to the courts. It seems like the opposite party has been requesting for a settlement all this time. Whether he was right or wrong aside, as a public figure, Lee Byung Hun has been reflecting upon his mistakes. That is why this application [for a lesser punishment/leniency] has been issued because it was something Lee Byung Hun himself wanted. From this moment forward, we will just have to wait to see the trial outcome.”

Lee Byung Hun has submitted an application to the courts requesting that the punishment be held off for an amicable settlement between the two parties, in retrospect, asking the courts for leniency on Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee.

Model Lee Ji Yeon was sentenced to a year and two months of prison, while Dahee was sentenced to a year in jail. The two were caught conspiring to blackmail Lee Byung Hun after they had secretly recorded the actor in a sexually suggestive conversation with them, asking for nearly $5 million dollars in exchange for the video.

Currently, Lee Byung Hun is in the U.S with his wife Lee Min Jung, who is expected to deliver their first child in April. In addition, several films starring the actor is set to be released this year, including the highly anticipated fifth film in the Terminator series.

Source: TV Report