Lee Min Jung, wife of Lee Byung Hun, officially announces her pregnancy through MS Team Entertainment

On January 19, MS Team Entertainment announced that actress Lee Min Jung and her husband, actor Lee Byung Hun, will finally be parents! Min Jung is currently 27 weeks pregnant and the baby is expected to be due in April 2015.

The agency released the statement as follows:

“We would like to announce that Lee Min Jung is currently 27 weeks pregnant.

The fact that a wife is now the mother of her child is something to be congratulated, but due to recent events, we were cautious in announcing this news to the public, for the sake of the well-being of the mother. Thus, we put a lot of thought in deciding the best time to announce this news.

Please understand the inevitable delay in the announcement.

Lee Min Jung has said, ‘I would like to thank everyone who was concerned for me in light of recent events. I thought long and hard, but decided to work hard and do my best for my family. I will try to be the best and show the best I can to those who have watched and waited for me patiently,’ expressing her thanks and regret to her fans.

We wish that everyone can congratulate and send their blessings to Min Jung, who is taking her first step as a mother.

The estimated time of birth is in April and she plans to stay in Korea and get ready for the child.”

The happy news follows the trying months preceding it, as Lee Byung Hun was, until recently, entangled in legal battles against GLAM’s Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon. The disputes came to an end on January 15th and now it seems the couple can fully focus on preparing for the birth of their child.

Congratulations to Min Jung and Byung Hun on becoming parents!

Source: MBN