BH Entertainment on Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun’s relationship, ” There is no change in their marriage”

Lee Min Jung comments on the rampant speculations on her marriage with Lee Byung Hun despite the recent blackmailing incident. 

Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun have been attracting attention for their unwavering affection and solid relationship despite the ongoing legal battles against GLAM’s Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon, and were spotted leaving for the United States for a personal trip on December 6th.

Speaking in behalf of the couple on December 10th, BH Entertainment commented on their recent departure to the United States and was even quoted saying, “Even in the middle of being threatened in a legal battle, there is no change in their marriage.” 

It was revealed that after finishing her personal work commitments in South Korea, Lee Min Jung left for a personal trip to the United States with Lee Byung Hun, while the actor took time off before committing to his film schedules. It was also stated that, “Due to the meetings with his latest movies and other schedules through the New Year, Lee Byung Hun is planning to balance living in South Korea and America until the early stages of 2015.”

Meanwhile, the trial filed by Lee Byung Hun against Dahee and Jiyeon will continue on December 16th, as it undergoes its third meeting. Lee Byung Hun will not be present at the trial as he has already testified against the two women last November 24th.

Currently, the actor is preparing on promoting his upcoming Hollywood film, Terminator 5: Genisys. 

Source: Hankooki