Lee Byung Hun’s 3rd trial date against GLAM’s Dahee and Lee Jiyeon set for December

More updates are being released as Lee Byung Hun took the stand as a witness for the second trial for the attempted extortion against GLAM’s Dahee and model Lee Jiyeon

On November 24th, it was reported that Lee Byung Hun attended the second trial held at Seoul Central District Court, where made his statement and testified against the two women. The trial lasted for at least four hours, where intense depositions from both sides were stated, away from the public’s eye. Lee Byung Hun, who was guided by a team of security, only released a short statement after the trial, saying, “I honestly answered to all the questions asked. I will wait for the results.” 

Details of the said trial are slowly being revealed as the mutual friend of Lee Byung Hun and Lee Jiyeon was initially summoned to stand as a witness for the second trial, but remained absent. It was later on decided that the friend, who was not named, will testify for the third trial scheduled on December 16th.

Lee Byung Hun, having made his statement yesterday, will not be attending the next trial.

Meanwhile, during the first court hearing, Da Hee and Lee Ji Yeon both admitted that they requested 5 million to the actor, in exchange for the obscene video captured. However, it was said in confidence that the events only happened as Lee Jiyeon claimed that she was in an intimate relationship with the actor.

Lee Byung Hun denied the allegations and continued with his commitments in California, United States along with his wife and actress Lee Min Jung. 

Source: Star Today, Osen (1 and 2)