Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung leave for U.S. together

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung, have been spotted departing to Los Angeles together, on December 6th, due to Lee Byung Hun’s schedules in the United States. Despite Lee Byung Hun’s recent scandals, the two have been showing unconditional support for each other.

The news garnered attention as Lee Min Jung was seen to be accompanying Lee Byung Hun on the trip. It has been reported that Lee Min Jung has recently just finished filming for an advertisement in Korea prior to leaving for Los Angeles with her husband. The actress has been standing by her husband’s side amidst the outbreak of his blackmailing controversy in September.

Previously, Lee Byung Hun left the country for his schedules in Los Angles in October and returned to Korea to attend the second trial on November 21st. At that time Lee Min Jung accompanied her husband and came back to Korea on November 22nd.

Although the previous trial was conducted privately, it has been reported that Lee Byung Hun has denied allegations that he was in a deep relationship with model Lee Ji Yeon. The following court hearing, regarding the case among Lee Byung Hun, Lee Ji Yeon, and GLAM‘s Da Hee, is to be held on December 16th. However, Lee Byung Hun, has announced to not be present for the third trial due to his schedule commitments in Los Angeles.

In the meantime, Lee Byung Hun has made his first appearance as T-1000 in sneak peak trailer for Terminator 5: Genisys

Source: Star In