Netizens praise Apink’s Naeun for her beauty while filming latest drama

Apink‘s Naeun has recently been gaining a lot of attention for beautiful fan photos taken of her while she was on set for her latest drama. 

Although netizens recently mocked the A Cube Entertainment singer for her lack of acting skills, Naeun’s beauty has not gone unnoticed, as a recent post on Pann featured many netizens praising a set of fan photos from the set of the tvN drama Twenty Again.

Sporting a cute denim dress, the singer looked both chic and innocent, causing netizens to fall in love with her beauty. Despite being candid pictures of the singer just reading over her lines and walking around the set, netizens noticed her natural beauty and undeniable photogeneity.

image (1)

image (2)

image (3)

image (4)

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image (6)

image (7)



[+ 98, – 12] These are just straight up shot with no filters…? wow…

[+ 82, – 12] She is ridiculously beautiful…

[+ 76, – 13] Oh my god Naeun looks so good in those clothes…

Source: Pann