Netizens react to news of Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s baby

As Won Bin and Lee Na Young surprised everyone today with news that they are expecting a child, the internet reacted with much hype towards the news. 

Earlier today, the beautiful couple announced the news of Lee Na Young’s pregancy after marrying Won Bin in a pivot ceremony last May. The couple initially made headlines for their secret and intimate celebration two years into their relationship.

As the news broke out, the internet reacted positively towards the news with the tag #LeeNaYoung trending on Twitter’s worldwide topics.

Korean netizens also pitched in their thoughts on the news and left comments saying,

[+ 7225, – 72] Oh…My…God…..I’m already curious what the baby is going to look like

[+ 5950, – 60] The baby is going to be so beautiful ㅋㅋㅋ

[+ 4959, – 50] The baby is going to be crazy good looking congratulations

[+ 4313, – 47] Congratulations visual daebak

[+ 3324, – 581] Why so fast????

Source: Sports Chosun

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