Netizens react to Tao deleting “EXO” from his Instagram profile

Leaving many fans puzzled and anxious, many netizens have commented on Tao‘s latest update to his Instagram, removingEXO” from his profile.

On May 5th, EXO-Ls noticed the change in his profile. It originally read “EXO-TAO黄子韬 Happy to meet y’all here! Love ya!” and has now been changed to Z.TAO-黄子韬 Happy to meet y’all here! Love ya!”

Many fans left comments, such as, “Is this how we say goodbye?” “As you wish, your health is more important to us! Fighting! Take care of your health,” “What the hell oppa,” “But I thought I could trust you..” and more.

While other netizens left racially offensive comments, including:

  1. [+466,-16]: “Typical chink behavior”
  2. [+459,-15]: “If you are planning to leave, give an official statement and leave already~~~~~ you’re like teasing us little by little, what is this? fxxx  go back and play with tides”
  3. [+409,-26]: “I guess the back stabbing chink nature can’t be fixed … Apologize to Victoria, Fei, and Zia before you leave”
  4. [+35,-4]: “In the future, SM and other big agencies should refrain from training Chinese trainees. They are trained by Korean agencies and become famous by debuting as idols, but betray and go back to China”

Tao is currently in dispute with SM Entertainment after his father posted a lengthy letter revealing his wishes for his son to leave the group due to his health. SM Entertainment then released a statement revealing they are looking to speak with the father about Tao’s future through discussion. However, continuous hints of Tao leaving EXO and the agency continue to grow rather than dim.

The singer recently appeared at a birthday event with fans, where he was captured shedding tears due to the overwhelming emotions. During the event, he stated, “I will keep my promise that I have made to my fans, just give me little more time. I will comeback and stand in front of you all again.”

Source: My Daily