Netizens respond to Yedang’s newest statement on the TMZ incident

Netizens have pointed out some areas of contradiction between Yedang Entertainment’s two statements in light of the controversial video coverage by TMZ.

CEO of EXID’s agency Jun Seung Hwee told Star News on May 4th over the phone, “We expressed our distaste in what happened towards the media source through Korea Daily US. But we have no plans in pursuing legal action. Any other argument on this issue seems to be a waste and we just hope that no one else falls victim to such incident again.”

Netizens however, showed surprisingly cold sentiments towards the most recent statement by the company.

1. [+ 6179, – 949] What’s funny is that if you watch Abnormal Summit the MCs imitate the panels when they speak broken Korean..I guess that show is racist to the extreme..

2. [+ 5222, – 640] They overreacted saying they’re going to take legal action and now they’re changing their words because the reaction from the public isn’t that great ㅋ

3. [+ 4485, – 401]  ㅋㅋ I guess they didn’t get the reaction they were looking for

4. [+ 4032, – 438] I guess they saw the comments ㅋㅋㅋ Let’s keep the media play to a certain level

The TMZ video that started all the controversy:

Source: Star News