Yedang Entertainment responds to TMZ’s racist coverage on EXID

Yedang Entertainment gave an official response to TMZ‘s recent racist coverage on EXID.

On May 4th, CEO Jeon Seung Hwi told Dispatch on the 4th of April, “The video in question is racist and I feel it is extremely wrong to make fun of someone’s happiness at seeing fans. We didn’t even realize there were reporters present and never thought Junghwa’s pronunciation would be subject to ridicule. I also watched the video with the members and Junghwa feels extremely upset.”

On the issue of how they plan to respond, “We plan to take action against the media in question and we plan to contact and notify them of how we feel about the incident and the possibility of legal action will be decided after we notify them.”

Earlier this week, celebrity gossip website TMZ released a racist segment covering EXID’s arrival in Los Angeles for their KMF performance. The controversial segment featuring EXID arriving at LAX described them as not being able to speak English, mocking their short interview and shocking the fans.

As soon as the clip went viral, netizens and fans were outraged and criticized TMZ for its racial segment. Soon after, f(x)’s Amber and 2PM’s Taecyeon shared their stances on this incident.

Source: Dispatch, My Daily