Netizens Slam Mnet For Giving The Produce X 101 Trainees Too Little Food

They are upset over the food portions.

A K-Netizen posted a photo of the meals the trainees receive at the Produce X 101 training center. It has since sparked outrage and netizens have called out Mnet for the tiny portions they are giving the boys.

The food’s conditions is poor, I am so worried for the kids. The quantity of food is so little, it’s as if it’s just side-dishes. This is what I ate when I went in yesterday. They only gave me five pieces of the fish cake. Seriously… The menu also has stir fried anchovies and radish.

The netizen appeared to have got in after she told a relative who happened to be staff that she liked Produce X 101. Because of this, she was let in.

Many have commented on how they are not only exerting effort in practice but also growing daily, and the food is not enough to sustain them. Some netizens have commented on how small the portion is, they could finish it in three bites.

Netizens have talked about how well the trainees used to eat before. One even posted Produce X 101’s Kim Wooseok’s meal when he was active as a member of UP10TION.

Many hope that Mnet starts taking care of the idols properly and that they give them more food.

Source: Instiz