[★BREAKING] Netizens spread alleged naked photo of Rain on fan cafes

After recent rumours made their rounds online that actress Kim Tae Hee recently lost her phone, an allegedly incriminating photo seems to have surfaced and has quickly gone viral via Kakaotalk. This photo, rumoured to be leaked from Kim Tae Hee’s lost phone, is of a nude man in the shower who many netizens are claiming is a picture of world star and her boyfriend, Rain.

Some netizen comments include, “I hope this is not Rain,” “The guy seems to have a great body, but I hope it’s not Rain,” “If it were Rain, it must be so tiring for the celebrities to confront the news,” “Is this true? I really hope it’s not,” and more.

Neither Kim Tae Hee’s nor Rain’s representatives have yet to comment. Check back at Koreaboo for the most recent update as this story unfolds.

Source: cloudzoa.net

NOTE: We have not included a direct link as all sources contain the alleged photo, out of respect for Rain.