Niel drops tracklist for “oNIELy”

On February 11th, TEEN TOP member Niel shared the tracklist for his solo debut mini-album oNIELy.

The artist has already dropped various hints leading up to his solo debut most notably chic and stylish image teasers as well as video teasers.

In this tracklist, fans can see the seven tracks including the title track “Lovekiller.”Other tracks include “Only You,” “Affogato,” “Lady,” “Call Me,” “Epilogue,” and “Song of an Angel.”

It was also recently revealed that Lucid Fall would be contributing talents to the album, specifically with the track “Song of an Angel.” Not only has Lucid Fall been directly involved in the composition and lyric-writing process, the singer-songwriter also played the guitar accompaniment for the track. “Song of an Angel” is said to highlight Niel’s sweet voice with a beautiful, calm melody.

Niel will be making his solo debut on February 16th.

Check out the tracklist here:

Source: OSEN