Niel prepares to make a confession in “Spring Love” video teaser

Preparing to return with the repackaged album for oNIELy, TEEN TOP’s Niel has revealed a fun and adorable video teaser for “Spring Love.”

Having made his solo debut with “Lovekiller” in February, Niel is preparing to release the repackaged album for oNIELy titled Spring Love. In addition to the original tracks, the repackaged album will include Niel’s upcoming spring-time song, “Spring Love.”

As opposed to his concept in “Lovekiller,” Niel is coming back with a fresh and loving style for “Spring Love.” Giving a romantic and adorable feeling, Niel nervously prepares to confess to a girl in his video teaser.

“Spring Love” and the repackaged album will be released on April 14th.

Check out the teaser video below: