Niel reveals special making video for his MV “Spring Love”

Niel reveals the making video for his most recent spring-time music video “Spring Love.”

Featuring Juniel, Niel’s latest comeback music video, “Spring Love” gives a refreshing feeling to spring. Taking the viewer on a virtual date, Niel sets up for a day of fun in the music video before shyly coming out with a bouquet of flowers.

In the making video of “Spring  Love,” Niel brings fans behind the scenes of the set and the beautiful scenery he filmed in for the music video. Niel enjoyed his time on the beach as well as the outdoor weather with a friendly dog by his side.

Niel made his solo debut on February 16, 2015 with his hit track “Lovekiller,” which featured Dok2.

Check out the behind the scenes video below: