[★BREAKING] North Korea prepares for “all-out-war” with 3 hours left in deadline

North Korea is reportedly preparing for an “all-out-war” with their deadline of Saturday, August 22nd 5PM KST to South Korea rapidly approaching.

North Korea and South Korea are on edge as Kim Jong-un has put his troops on combat readiness, after sending an ultimatum to South Korea to stop their mega-speaker broadcasts by Saturday, 5PM KST.

South Korea has not stopped, with the deadline approaching in less than 3 hours at the time of this article being published. North Korea and South Korea have exchanged artillery fire, and both armies are on maximum alert level.

North Korea’s ministry revealed in a statement that they are “prepared to risk an all-out war not just to simply respond or retaliate, but to defend the system our people chose. The situation has reached the verge of war and can no longer be reversed.”

Meanwhile, South Korea has not backed down to the North, standing firm in their moves against the dictatorship.

Source: The Guardian

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